New to Crypto Currency?

Have you recently heard about Crypto currencies from a family member, friend, or co-worker and it piqued your interest?  Are you wondering where to begin or did you Google it and feel overwhelmed?  Were you intimidated by all the terms and technical jargon?  Are you worried about investing your hard earned money into a concept that you don't yet understand?  If you answered yes to any of those questions you're not alone as millions of other folks are in the same boat. Here at BCG we strive to be your Crypto Senseis and introduce you to this booming industry and offer you a comfort level that allows you to begin investing, mining, and most importantly building long term wealth to secure you and your family's financial future.

About Boston Crypto Guys

The Boston Crypto Guys are here to explain all things crypto to help you:

  • Invest
  • Earn passive income
  • Build long term wealth
  • Be Your OWN Bank!
Key Categories We Help You With:
  • Introduction to Crypto Currency

    You've probably heard about Crypto currencies on the news, online, or from your friends and co-workers, but what is it? Here at BCG we are experienced crypto investors, miners, and traders and we would love the opportunity to educate you about Crypto currencies. Crypto currencies are decentralized currency that grant you financial freedom and the opportunity to "be your own bank". Blockchain technology is used to assure there isn't a single controlling entity or point of failure for the network. Let us teach you how to build long term wealth that's free of control by the government and big banks.


  • How to Invest

    Have you decided to begin investing in Crypto Currencies but don't know where to begin? Have you visited some Exchange sites and felt lost or overwhelmed? Are you curious which coins are stable vs. Which coins are volatile? If so, we are here as your guide to assist you in getting started in investing with a high level of comfort.


  • How to Monitor Your Investment

    Are you wondering how to monitor your investment as you would with stocks or a 401k? We will teach you how to use websites, software, and wallets to monitor your investment.


  • Crypto Mining

    There are other ways to earn crypto besides buying with fiat currencies. Mining crypto can be a lucrative process and we are well versed in doing so. We will teach you how to build a mining rig, how to join a mining pool, or how to purchase mining power from a Cloud mining site.



  • Safeguarding Your Investment

    Protecting your investment post-purchase is an important aspect of crypto investing. In our current climate that's rife with hackers, you need to make sure your coins are safeguarded and only accessible to you. We will teach you about various types of web, paper, software, and hardware wallets so you can rest assured your funds are safe.




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Key Categories We Help You With:

Key Categories We Help You With:
Key Categories We Help You With:
Key Categories We Help You With: